Intruder Alarms Bradford

Posted on: December 8, 2020 by in burglar alarms
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Intruder Alarms Bradford

If you are looking for intruder alarms in Bradford then you’ve reached the right page. In almost forty years that we’ve been trading then there is one trend we can see – when times are bad and unemployment is going up then theft increases!

We’ve been installing intruder alarms for Bradford businesses and homeowners for almost forty years and we’ve watched many crazes appear and disappear. The most current being Wi-Fi connected, plug-and-play burglar alarms. Over recent history the test of whether a development in crime detection lasts or not is determined by the criminal fraternity.

A system that you can unpack, plugin, link to an app and then ask Alexa or Siri to turn on seems wonderful – our guess is that the criminals think it is too! If a siren isn’t screwed down, then breaking it or throwing it in the sink is easy … or just taking it could be an option! If there is no external bell box and flashing light, high externally then is there any deterrent?

Numerous studies and criminal research finds that thieves are discouraged by a recognisable intruder alarm and security cameras. Theives look for the easier option. If they only discover you have an alarm once they’ve entered your home then the horse has bolted.

Getting a complimentary app with your alarm is a great idea, albeit supplemental. It is essential that the intruder alarm functions as a hard wearing intruder system irrespective of an app. The ability to remotely activate and deactivate your system, check it’s status and get alerts is really good. However, we all know that phones and mobile networks are a robust network most of the time but if you were sent a notification by your burglar alarm at midnight on the thirty-first of December how rapidly would that arrive? Supplementary apps are a super addition to an alarm system but the system itself must first of all provide a deterrent and after that alert criminals and people nearby, should a housebreak take place, regardless of power outages or lack of internet connectivity.

Intruder Alarms Bradford

We pointed out at the start of this article that whether new security innovations last is determined by criminals – this is so, however there are another group of people who affect this decision. Let’s just say this – before you order your plug in alarm, ask your underwriter what they think! … Just saying Siri!

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