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How to get great security on a reasonable budget with CCTV in Bradford

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Bradford CCTV – gives you tomorrow’s technology at today’s prices. We can provide a camera system with state-of-the-art digital recording, night-vision camera, high-res monitor and the ability to view it all remotely on a smartphone (iphone, android) . How good would it be to be able to check your premises from your phone whenever you like? Well the technology is here and doesn’t cost the earth. Bradford CCTV specialise in smartphone CCTV systems and can have you protected within Continue Reading ...

Christmas Crime and theres no need to be afraid

Posted on: December 12, 2011 by in home security
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Crime in Bradford is on the up and the festive period can offer rich pickings for would-be criminals. Despite these challenging economic times consumers are set to spend for Christmas. Commentators observe that people will be canny with their choices looking for bargains at every turn but nevertheless presents will be bought. So the message is very much, ‘Don’t become a victim of crime this Christmas.’ Every year there are opportunist burglaries from cars and homes as people leave Continue Reading ...

Burglar Alarms and Pets

Posted on: August 9, 2010 by in home security
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Many pet owners believe they are unable to have a burglar alarm system due to their furry friends that roam the house. Well – they’re wrong! Historically dealing with pets was troublesome; if possible at all it was expensive. Dealing with pets used to revolve around having to use perimeter detectors (vibration sensors on windows and contacts on doors) which was time consuming and expensive. Then came the all new ….. PET IMMUNE DETECTORS! The introduction of Pet Immune movement sensors Continue Reading ...