Christmas Crime and theres no need to be afraid

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avoid Cristmas Crime with a Bradford Burglar Alarm

Crime in Bradford is on the up and the festive period can offer rich pickings for would-be criminals. Despite these challenging economic times consumers are set to spend for Christmas. Commentators observe that people will be canny with their choices looking for bargains at every turn but nevertheless presents will be bought.
So the message is very much, ‘Don’t become a victim of crime this Christmas.’ Every year there are opportunist burglaries from cars and homes as people leave presents, handbags, credit cards etc. on display. In recent years physical crime has been added to and indeed surpassed by cyber crime.
It’s estimated that 75% of Brits will shop online for presents this year which represents a massive opportunity for the cyber criminals. Some of the main tactics are: 1) Emails offering fantastic items at knockdown prices. 2) online banking fraud – without up-to-date internet security programs PC’s can become infected with Trojans that can hijack your banking details. 3) Fake emails from couriers posing as royal mail or UPS etc. Stating there is a problem with delivery and fishing for your personal details. 4) Fake payment provider emails posing as companies like PayPal asking you to enter your login details to check a problem with payment. 5) Fake online e-greetings cards. People can unknowingly send malware or trojans  to friends who open them because they trust the sender.
Then there is simply the theft of items whilst in the delivery system. One new initiative to help combat this growing problem is the new free, national database / register The site allows users to register items, serial numbers etc. and upload photographs. The database links automatically with police systems which helps police instantly trace owners of recovered items.

Protecting yourself from shoplifters over Xmas.

Bradford police are on the alert for shoplifters as there were 583 shoplifting cases in the first nine months of this year and 429 for the same period in 2010.When shopping it’s wise to do the following:  Park your car in a well lit, and ideally attended, car park with good CCTV. Don’t think valuables are safe in the glove box – glove boxes are for gloves! If you leave any valuables or shopping lock them in the boot. Take all credit cards, and cheque books with you. Double check you have dead-locked the car and set the alarm system. Don’t leave handbags and coats with valuables in shopping trolleys.

Protect your Home from burglary this Xmas.

Lock all doors and windows when going out and try to keep the house well lit with that lived-in look. Timers for lighting is a great idea. House keys, car keys, purses and credit cards should be kept well away from external doors; sneak thieves love nothing better than swiping valuables left near the door without the householder even noticing.

Don’t leave presents on show in the build up to Christmas. Can you see lots of goodies through your house window as you walk by outside?

Consider property marking new electronic items as soon as possible and make it clear to burglars that items a postcode marked.

Ultimately though it can be difficult to convince a burglar you are in when you’re out. Therefore there’s no real replacement for the good old burglar alarm. From as little as £425 the whole house can be electronically protected. Even when you are in chimes on external doors deter sneak thieves.
And if you really want to splash out spending £699+vat can protect your home with CCTV letting you view your property from your smart-phone for ultimate peace-of-mind.

Take some simple security precautions, enjoy the festive period and avoid Christmas Crime.

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