Burglar Alarm Installers Bradford

Posted on: June 23, 2020 by in cctv in bradford
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Burglar Alarm Installers Bradford.
Burglary in any major UK city is obviously a consistent problem but surveys regularly show that having a professionally installed security system can significantly reduce your chance of being burgled. (You can check the crime stats in your area Here).

We have been installing burglar alarms in Bradford for over three decades and intend to be doing so in another thirty-years too. All surveys are FREE with no obligation. We can call to your premises at a time to suit you or (to help with any Covid-19 concerns) carry out a remote survey via Whatsapp.

Wireless Intruder alarms are very much the norm. The anti-false alarm technology is cutting edge and installations are quick and mess-free, no damage to decorations, no cables to hide.

All our systems can utilise app-control (available on Android or IOS) allowing you to set and unset your system from anywhere as well as receive instant alerts should your alarm be activated. The same app can even view and control CCTV should you have security cameras.

App control makes using your alarm incredibly easy. If you go to bed and forget to set the system, so long as you have your phone or tablet there’s no problem. If you like you can receive alerts every time your system sets or unsets, if the system is turned off at a strange time you can know instantly and if needs be reset it.

If you have several buildings, you can manage all alarms from one app (and view CCTV also). Burglar alarms can be integrated with access control and CCTV. You can use a proximity fob to open a door an unset your alarm or you can use facial recognition cameras to open controlled doors.

High-Tech doesn’t need to mean high cost and state-of-the art doesn’t need to be complex. We can design a bespoke system to suite your needs and budget. We are NSI Gold approved so recognised by all the main insurers, many of which who would offer a discount on your annual premiums.

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