Burglar Alarms and Pets

Posted on: August 9, 2010 by in home security
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Bradford Burglar alarms pet immune sensorsMany pet owners believe they are unable to have a burglar alarm system due to their furry friends that roam the house. Well – they’re wrong! Historically dealing with pets was troublesome; if possible at all it was expensive. Dealing with pets used to revolve around having to use perimeter detectors (vibration sensors on windows and contacts on doors) which was time consuming and expensive.
Then came the all new ….. PET IMMUNE DETECTORS!
The introduction of Pet Immune movement sensors revolutionised burglar alarm design. The basic principle is the ability of a detector to have some inbuilt logic processing which differentiates between human and animal targets.
There have been several options developed but, in our humble opinion, single technology detectors are the most troublesome. That is to say sensors which use only one method of detection such as a PIR only, we believe, are less successful than multiple-technology detectors.
The Tri-Tech Pet Immune detectors that we fit are excellent at pet immunity yet sustain great catch-performance. You have probably heard of Dual-Technology sensors (Dualtechs) which have two sensors in one housing (a PIR and a microwave detector). A Dualtech sensor is used in harsh environments and requires both detectors to activate simultaneously to generate an alarm. (i.e. heat movement and physical movement at the same time.)
The Pet Immune sensor takes the Dualtech and adds intelligent processing, assessing multiple criteria before generating an alarm (such as size, speed amount of heat etc.)
They work amazingly well but do have some restrictions: it struggles with animals over a 100lbs in weight! (so if you have a Great Dane or a donkey forget it), they can’t be directed towards stairs and can’t be used in a tiny room but everywhere else they are great.
So if you have dogs and cats you can have a burglar alarm and what’s more it can protect your home and your pets.  🙂

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