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Bradford access control keypad entryBradford Access Control

We provide access control solutions from simple single-door systems to large pc-based multi-door sites.

Systems start with speech or video entry which allows visitors to call via intercom or videophone and subsequently for you to allow access at the press of a button.
Often these systems are accompanied by a digital keypad to allow authorised personnel access without the need to call via the intercom.

When the requirements of a system grow, e.g. levels of access, audit trails, time zones, holiday programming, fire-alarm integration and roll call, then pc based access-control is the order of the day.Bradford Access Control card reader

Readers can take several formats: card readers (infra-red or magstripe), proximity readers (token or tags) and biometric readers (fingerprint, retina).

Systems using card readers can use dual-purpose cards that can be printed upon and used as id cards.

When it comes to electronic locks there are various options: rim release (surface Yale-type latch release), mortice release, magna lock (magnetic overhead lock) or shoot bolt. The choice would be based on a number of factors such as door consrtuction, level of security required, available space and budget.

It is important when installing access control to consider your responsibilities under fire-safety legislation. There may be a requirement for door locks to’ fail open’ in the event of a power cut or to be automatically opened on triggering of the fire alarm.

Many companies use access control as a time and attendance. However there are issues such as union agreement to consider before implementing such a system and staff should fully understand any time and attendance implications after such an installation.

Access control can be as simple or complicated as your circumstances require but quotations are free and without obligation so call us NOW or email us via the contact form.

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